Sunday, May 27, 2012

Where Ideas for Unwritten BlogPosts Converge

Otherwise known as the random post.

I was in the midst of trying to fall asleep when I was bothered by the urge to violently sneeze. Eyes watering, I sneezed like there was no tomorrow. By the time I was done, my eyes were still itching, and whatever sleepiness that had manifested earlier was also gone. I had two options, read or blog. 10 points for anyone who can guess which option I picked ;)

On reading materials
I'm trying my best to read A Clockwork Orange, a book which seems to be in a lot of people's good books. Ha ha. I'm finding it an extremely difficult read, though and it's not because I have to learn a whole new language to actually get it. That's the least of my problems - I actually had fun trying to guess some of the words.  I can't seem to explain it, but the book just doesn't interest me as much as it should. 

On another note, I recently downloaded The Golden Bough from Project Gutenberg. Interestingly, I came across the book being mentioned twice - once in The Folklore of Discworld  some time ago (after which I downloaded the book) and more recently in Night Shift - short stories by Stephen King (after which I thought I'd start reading it) It's long - 1313 pages using the e-reader I use, and what I thought was hilarious is that in the beginning of the book, the author tells us that it's an abridged version!
The Golden Bough by Turner - source wikipedia
On blogs
As though being an author in this blog all by myself and being a co-author in another blog wasn't enough, I have recently agreed to being a co-author in yet another blog. So far I haven't had any brilliant ideas on what to post there as a first post (The first post is always important to set things in motion, methinks, but then, I could also just jump in the middle and throw in whatever comes to mind) My friend has posted a bit so far, though... you can visit the blog here: if you so wish. 

Other Stuff 
a. I have a serious addiction to this game called Tetris Battle (which you can play through Facebook and all your friends can know how you suck at it) I stayed up twice till the wee hours in the morning getting my fix this week. 

b. I wrote an e-mail at work describing a test I did and threw in a basic scientific term, basically to show that 'Hey, I've considered the possibility of this error and have eliminated it' Someone who received a carbon copy of the email thought throwing in the scientific term was 'cute'. That's a first. 

c. So my current phone, a 2009 Sony Ericsson is kind of on it's last legs. It's my fault, really,  for not protecting it from my careless fingers and violent ways that it falls down to the floor almost every single day. The keypad is being stubborn and typing texts is bothersome (I need to use texts to communicate with my boss when she needs info while she's in a meeting) and it recently took to pretending my SIM card doesn't exist. I was thinking of a new phone - and I don't really care if it's a smart phone or something a bit more basic. Any recommendations?


  1. I can't really recommend a phone, but there are plenty of cheap basic options out there if you aren't interested in a smart phone. I also know the feeling of trying to sleep just to break in to a fit of the sneezes and find yourself thinking "well, that's that."

  2. The samsung phone I got does the trick, but then most do, all depends what you want really. A third blog? Good luck, one is surely enough for me.

  3. If you like Stephen Kind you should read his room 1408, that was quite the disturbing read. I am a big fan of Burgess and ClockWork Orange is more relevant every day, i think were becoming a world culture now. So you can see this culture creep from places like Korea, with K-pop and its associated food and clothing. It could not have happened without the internet.

  4. three blogs? Terra, are you mad?

    1. Ha ha... Nurse, you may have just hit the nail on the head :)

  5. hahahaha. three blogs is like taking a fulltime job, Terra.
    you know, i'm into iPhones and so i'll be recomending that. i need a new one too :) will wait for iPhone 5.

  6. I am still on my 1st phone (a now ancient Sony Ericsson) which is nearly 6 years old. I've recently thought I should consider moving on. I keep being drawn towards the HTC One range. However, considering my record on mobile phones (one phone in my entire life) you're probably best not listen to my advice.

  7. Maintaining one blog itself takes a whole lotta effort for me, so I have to give it to you in being able to spare time for multiple blogs. As for phones, I recently hopped on the smartphone bandwagon. Got a Samsung Galaxy SII - not too bad, does everything a good, reliable phone should do.

  8. At least you're reading something. I haven't touched a real book in ages. :(

  9. I saw the clockwork orange movie, loved it

  10. I'm always looking for ways to be cuter; maybe I need to study up on some science jargon.

  11. I'm an iPhone fan myself. It does everything.

  12. Huh. I swear I commented earlier. I think I was mostly saying i really love my iPhone. I'm with Jaya on this.

  13. Hi everyone :)

    Thanks for the phone suggestions. The indirect threat seems to have made my current phone work properly since I last wrote here, so I have more time to do some proper research. I'm tempted with the idea of the iPhone, I guess.

  14. I really enjoy finding unusual old titles from Project Gutenberg. I've discovered so many wonderful stories by both well-known and lesser-known writers there.

  15. The only ereader I have is my ipod touch. Everything is 1000 pages on it. It's a bit tiring, so I never use it.

  16. I'm always bothered by the urge to violently sneeze... It's called hay fever. Don't even start on King's 'abridged' versions. The man uses more words than a cat has flees. I still read him, though. It just takes up a lot of a person's time hahaha. I just finished reading The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. I can tell you're very busy, so I'm gonna keep it short ;)


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