Saturday, August 06, 2011

RISK and Possible Risk.

Apparently, last-minuteness works quite well with me. 

In a sudden deviation from my usual (but mood-dependent and selective) anti-social behaviour, I found myself agreeing to spend last Saturday night playing RISK with a few friends, although on second thought, I could not possibly ever be anti-social with the bunch of people mentioned in here. I pulled up at JV's house around 7:40 pm, and instead of delving straight into attempts at conquering the world, the three of us had decided to go and pick up the board from JV's friend's house, have some dinner and then begin the game.

Several minutes later with the board in hand, JV drove around as we wondered where we'd have dinner. In the end, after a rather lengthy discussion we decided to head over to Bangsar for dinner, quite a distance from where we were, actually. By the time dinner was over all thoughts of RISK had been thrown out of the window, albeit a bit forcefully - PJ still thought we could pull off a very short game!. Instead we drove around some more for some ice cream.

By the time ice cream was over, we thought we'd just head back quietly. After all, it's been awhile since I met both PJ and JV and catching up over dinner and ice cream was really good, seeing that you'd actually have to concentrate while playing RISK and small talk might have been more of an inconvenience. However, as things turned out, the journey back was far from quiet, as the car started making a terribly loud noise. After finding a suitable place to stop, we found the culprit of the loud noise amidst the smell of burnt rubber - the right hand back tyre was flatter than flat.

We waited for a bit for rescue, in the form of the AAM personnel (and it must be noted here that JV was admirably cool throughout the whole incident - I think I'd have panicked a bit) who helped us change the tyre and you could see a big gash around the whole tyre near the rim. It was probably the scariest looking tyre I'd ever seen - other that the bits and pieces of tyre you occasionally find along the road. 

We went back later, leaving the warm 'breeze' of the exhaust fume filled highway. It could have rained, but it didn't. We could have met someone scary, but we didn't. So all was good in the end. I just hope JV's rim wasn't too badly damaged.


  1. The tyre looked even more scarier on the next day :).

  2. Wow, I haven't played RISK in probably 30 years.

  3. Not that it's relevant but I've never played RISK before - people around me always opted for Monopoly, Scrabble and Pictionary.

    Good thing it was only a flat tyre - it could have been worse.

  4. JV: Gosh, I can imagine it though...

    SAW: Wow. Well, I didn't even know of it for 29 years of my life.

    sriyani: I've played scrabble quite a bit, always lose in monopoly, etc...


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