Saturday, November 20, 2010

Where the Wisdom Tooth Rears it's Ugly Head


You learn new stuff every day. Today's lesson is, do not procrastinate, even if the reason for your procrastination is the fact that the receptionist called to cancel your appointment with the dental surgeon at the last minute. That was more than a year ago.

The past two weeks saw a strange kind of pain in my right lower jaw, and because my not so big mouth was fully of healthy giant teeth (Take A from mommy, and B from daddy and voila, here's the result - even if part A and B don't necessarily match) I couldn't see what was going on at the back of my mouth. I knew I bit into something hard just before the pain started and dad reckoned I had cracked my tooth!

I went to the dentist earlier today, and this time the dentist explained what was going on in my mouth. Apparently, I DO have very big teeth (all the better to eat you with!!) and a not so big jaw, which led to the wisdom tooth being impacted in such a way it had decided to drill a hole in a formerly healthy molar which was the cause of the pain. As this post is being typed, the damaged tooth has been filled with some stuff, the pain is barely there, and there's going to be a surgery in the first week of December. It's going to be bloody. That much I can say.


  1. oh gosh! this is scary. too pull out is a waste. i guess that's the best way you can do anyway, minor operate. be strong!

  2. Oh that happened to me too - well sort of - my wisdom teeth fecked up my molars! I'm very annoyed with my teeth at the moment as i've had far too many visits to the dentist recently and now I think I need a crown - it totally sucks, especially financially! I'm actually going to try a new dentist too.

    It will all be fine though... it's just a 'procedure' and you'll feel better!

    I sometimes think about having them all taken out and just getting the dentures now!

  3. ah but you'll still have your pretty smile AFTEr the surgery so there is no need to worry long term.

    But dental surgeries SUCK!! I had my wisdom teeth removed and was OK. But some people have a rough go of it.

    I reckon you will be fine though.

  4. Ok, just reading that made me feel faint! LOL!

  5. Faisal: It can't be pulled out, that's why there is a need for surgery!

    AHD: I agree with visits to dentists causing a hole in the pocket. Another thing is, I don't see why we need those wisdom teeth in the first place... they're nothing but an annoyance!

    Ricardo: LOL. I guess there is nothing to worry about. I just hope the dental surgeon has very, very good eyesight and steady hands!

    Nick: That's just a crayon illustration. If you search pictures on google, actual fainting might be inevitable, LOL. ;)

  6. Awww poor you!
    I was lazing around in bed this morning, wondering where I had put my wisdom teeth that I had removed 4 years ago. I had three of them nasty teeth, and was given general anaesthetic for the surgery.

    You'll be sore for a couple of weeks but you get to see your tooth (I'm odd, I know) :)

    All the best!

  7. The build up and waiting for the surgery is the worst part, after you have it done I'm sure you will be fine.

  8. My son's lower wisdom teeth are coming in at a bizarre angle and he has to get them out in the next couple of months. Good luck with your surgery.

  9. I had my two upper wisdom teeth out more than 15 years ago. I should have two lower ones out soon. There just hasn't been time.

  10. LMC: Well, I'll be glad when it's over... just wish I wasn't so busy so that I can take the days off peacefully instead of worrying about work! Thanks...

    PS: I think it's pretty cool to see what those torturous things really look like!

    Ryan: I'm pretty sure of it too, but then what is life without a bit of drama!

    SAW: I think the situation is quite similar.. and thank you...

    Travis: True... the lack of time is certainly annoying!


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