Saturday, November 06, 2010


At least we eat, and sleep - the being merry part is always subjective to what actually being merry consists of. This my friends, is what a festival is to this particular person who types this as she hides behind her online presence of a 1280 x 800 pixels screen.

5th November marked another day on the calender, and for a certain group of people, it marked a festival known as Deepavali or Diwali (depending on where you originated from, I guess) literally translated to be the festival of lights. It is supposed to be the day where some people rejoiced the victory of good over evil (and quoting myself from a similar post from 2008 - "though seeing the world as it is today, I think the good never won at all. They were just in denial over their losing the battle and the evil forces for once left it at that and chose to remain silent. " that's my opinion on the so called good over evil)

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I suppose it is the absence of something interesting to do that makes festivals so dreary... yes, you anticipate it by preparing things people usually prepare for festivals, such as cleaning out the cupboards, rearranging books, allowing the aroma of freshly baked cookies to waft around the house and other such festive related things. But when the day finally arrives, you're just glad that it's yet another public holiday for you to take a break in, eat, and sleep, and if you're up to it - be merry.

PS: I must try to make it more interesting next year. Seriously.


  1. The 5th of November is celebrated in the UK as Bonfire Night or Guy Fawkes Night in memory of the man who tried to blow up parliament in the 17th century. He failed and was gruesomely executed. He is symbolically burnt on a bonfire and we have lots of fireworks.

    Diwali is becoming more noticeably celebrated in the UK with our rising Asian population so I think these two events will develop a nice overlap.

  2. I have to agree, festivals to me these days are just another excuse for a public holiday for me :D

  3. Um - so did you or didn't you enjoy it?

  4. King of Scurf: I think I remember reading about Guy Fawkes day in Enid Blyton's and (maybe) Sue Townsend's work... It must have been a pretty noisy day that day, i suppose, what with all the fireworks

    Nick: Yup... I heart public holidays!

    SAW: It was just another day... I enjoyed the food though, and reconnected with some long lost mates via text messaging! ;)

  5. :-) Missed you in this year's Blogblast for Peace...came in on your 2008 post, which I enjoyed (wow, such a lot of names in the meme!)

    Wishing you peace, happiness, and harmony x

  6. Yes, I know... I was kinda way to busy earlier this month to have done it, and as usual waited till the very last minute!

    Thanks for dropping by, though :)


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