Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Afternoon

With the scary part of June behind us, life must go on, I suppose.

 1. I anticipated my knees knocking in inexplicable fear or worse still losing my temper at stupid questions as I was forced to  share the knowledge of improving working procedures to a bunch of middle aged businessmen in a seminar. Turns out they weren't middle aged businessmen (but I was still younger than most of them anyway, based on the information we gathered while talking to them during the small breaks), and were not as intimidating or as irritating as I thought they'd be, except for a few whose sole purpose I suppose were to irritate. Well, if everything went smoothly, I'd probably think it was a dream and not real anyway.

2. After giving a tour of the factory to two interns who were there for their practical training, one of them said he had a stupid question. I braced myself for something work related, but received a baffling question about the inconsistent message my earrings were giving to an observer (I wear two pairs, usually. At that time, one pair was of a bright yellow star, and the other was of a skull and crossbones) Twenty-two year olds are so cute!

3. The fierce lady at the clinic I have been going to since I was 13 died of cancer recently. I find that terribly ironic because she would have had access to the best advice/medical care being in the field herself. I was at the clinic the other day, and her partner in crime was talking to another lady saying that while she always scolded patients for not taking care of their health enough, she had chosen to neglect her own. Her name was Rosie.

4. An appropriate song for a day like this...


  1. haha why would you wear different ear rings? i'd ask the same question tho! :)

    poor rosie. but it happened to my neighbor who was very very very (mind the repetition of very used by me)a health conscious woman. end up, she got breast cancer. she never never never eat outside and doc told her that she might get the cancer from the stress... at work!


    i talked to a doc the other day who was a bit sad right after received a call that his friend who is also a doc passed away cause by cancer. he told me that its weird and sad when 3 outta 5 of his friends died of cancer and all of em are doctors!

  2. It always seems to work out that way isn't it....the ones who gave/give you the most grief die terribly then you cant be happy or gleeful cos it is soo tragic. But i suppose she was that bad tempered becos of her ailment

    Love the new layout by the way :p

  3. Faisal: LOL.. Two sets of piercings, so two pairs of different earrings, hehehe.

    I found the idea of Rosie being dead shocking, most probably because she was always so loud. The clinic seemed very dull that day.

    Saby: She was scary... but then I never got to know her personally. Her colleagues love her, actually. They actually closed the clinic for half a day that day.

    Thanks.. I like it too... unfortunately, I've suddenly lost interest in blogging itself!

  4. Poor Rosie but that's the way life works. The know-it-alls always seem to go first which is why I try to be a blur doofus all the time ... LOL!

  5. Indeed life has to go on. At times , work can be fun too but it's one of those rare occassions....& as for the nurse , may her dear soul rest in harmony.

    Same thing goes to late Freddy Mercury .

  6. I'd like to see the skull and cross bones.

  7. The new blog design is great by the way

  8. Why would you wear different earrings? :o

    Oh I feel sorry for the lady. Cancer is such a bitch. And it only tells about the uncertainty of death-sigh.

  9. Nick: Oops... I can be quite an insufferable know-it-all at times ;)

    Unicorn Girl: I agree... aw, now I need to and have a listen to my Queen stuff.

    Ricardo: Will try to get a snapshot of it... but don't faint when you see my ears. You've been warned.

    And thanks :)

    Komal: Just a fashion statement I think, since I can't wear nice clothes to work (we need to use a uniform). Plus the fact that I have two sets of piercings.

    And yes, death is a very uncertain thing. It just came as a surprise, that's all. She didn't look ill at all!

  10. Well, I'm glad the "scary part of June" is over! Although that line made me giggle.

    Sometimes even with great care, people still die form cancer. Cancers are wicked that way.

  11. SAW: LOL. So you can imagine how glad I am...

    I suppose that's what makes cancer scary...

  12. i never see anyone wears different ear ring ever LOL

  13. Why sudden lost interest in blogginglah...write smtg n entertain us :)

  14. Faisal: Well, now you have... although not in person. LOL.

    Jai: I'm not exactly sure either... just been feeling that way the past week. Something will come up soon, I guess... :)

  15. no 3... not surprising... some doctors are the most unhealthy ppl around...

  16. Probably that's the way it is...


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