Friday, June 18, 2010

For the First Time...

they actually got it right. After a long, long time, I'm finally catching a movie tonight, have  been planning for a weekend getaway somewhere in early July, and am planning on a going for a short vacation in the near future!


  1. haha i don't read horo and hardly believe :P

  2. Statistically, thy have to it the bullseye once in a while. Have fun!

  3. Komal: Indeed :)

    Faisal: It's fun to read, that much I can say. Never believed them either....

    AHD: LOL, I know...

    SAW: I couldn't agree more. I will, thanks.

  4. Hey! I really like the new look here. Very clean and easy to read.

  5. Thanks Travis... still got a bit of tweaking to do, though... :)

  6. It's never too late to have some
    ' me ' time gurl ! So have loads of fun :) !

  7. Unicorn Girl: Thank you... Can't wait!

    Ricardo: One with my family right here in Malaysia... to a state up north... and another to Indonesia with some old friends.


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