Friday, August 17, 2007


When you talk about insomnia, you think of haggard looking folks with their swollen eyes and tired faces trudging along to the routine of their daily lives except when it comes to the time to sleep. Try as they might, they just cannot fall asleep and build castles in the sky or run away from monsters of the world (which when you come to think of it, is not that bad at all)

I used to face the problem at a certain time, when my mind will be racing through thoughts and memories, and music, and movies or ideas for stories deep in the night when everyone else was fast asleep. Since I never went to see any doctor about the issue, I was never really diagnosed with insomnia, and as my mind/body has it's own way to deal with the so-called problem with the ever famous 'pay back sleep' scheme, it has never been a major problem.

But what's happening now, is I find myself self inducing insomnia, where I refuse to try and sleep regardless of how tired (and sleepy) I actually am. It's quite easy, really... I just drink a cup of coffee during lunch, and another cup of tea in the late evening. To avoid sleeping, I sit up and watch mindless stuff on tv, listen to music and try to sing along, and when entertainment is scarce, I read whatever falls into my hands. By doing this, I'm happy that even though I'd spent about 12 to 13 hours working, at least I used a few hours doing something I really like although I might no necessarily enjoy it at the moment. (And it's also not that I don't like working - I do... I might be bored to death otherwise) In my defence, however, after a certain hour, the so-called sleepiness disappears... which makes it hard to actually fall asleep.

I wonder when will the body start demanding the replacement sleep....


  1. We call that time after the sleepiness disappears "getting punchy."

    That's a great time to write if you can. You'll come up with things you wouldn't believe.


  2. That's a marvelous idea Ian... i must try exploiting those 'getting punchy' hours :D

  3. I think I understand that state pretty well. I do suffer from real insomnia, but there have been times when I've purposely pushed through the feeling that I needed to sleep because I was writing.

    And during those times I wrote some very interesting ideas. I know it's not healthy to do all the time, but sometimes I get truly inspired when I do it.

  4. think i am still doing it. and it's not replacement sleep that i need in the end... it' the occasional breakdown of the body aka... sick. take care... sleep is essential.

  5. Sigh.. I don't have insomnia problem but I just tend to sleep super late every single night! It's so terrible! It's 2:30am now and I am still wide awake! I have to be up at 7am tml! I'm so dead!

  6. I know insomnia well.

    This whole week, in fact, has been filled with sleepless nights.

    I wish my exhausted body would take over for my stubborn mind every once in awhile.

  7. I suffer sometimes from insomnia, too. It is making me look so haggard. I do think that it ages you prematurely:-(


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