Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Cracking of the Talus

It's been two months and two weeks since a 15 kg bag and badly shaped stairs on a bus became the reason for a reasonably good walker to end up hobbling wherever she went. While she was initially assured that it was just a sprain and all that she needed was rest, the physical signs indicated otherwise. While seeking a third opinion, a closer scrutiny of the x-ray showed a line that shouldn't be there. The doctor put on his serious face and said, "Your bone is cracked" That was three weeks into the injury, after she had hobbled around the streets of a foreign country, flew over 6000 km, and then hobbled around the factory of her work place for almost two weeks. Once again, she was prescribed rest, some anti-swelling tablets, and was taught how to do a mean figure-8 bandage. 

Turns out the first doctor was *almost right, the second doctor needs a new pair of glasses, and the third doctor, well... I don't really know. The foot is almost back to normal now, although it gets a bit swelled up after long hours of standing/walking in the lab or even 40 minutes on the treadmill. Sadly, because of this, I have to give the paintball tournament a miss as the last thing I need right now is to injure myself again. Sigh. 

The whole moral of the story of this? None really. Or should I say, travel light(er), don't take buses, and follow Anlene's advice if you're a woman and above 30 (yukks)?

* she suspected a TRO fracture because she didn't have an x-ray at her disposal

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