Sunday, April 03, 2011


Around 4 years and 1 month ago, I was handed a heartache on a platter in the form of a laptop. To make matters worse, I actually paid for it. It was the very first laptop/computer I ever bought on my own, and I grudgingly have to admit now that I might have been taken on a small ride (they changed the OS from XP to Vista with only 503 MB of memory) without knowing it until at least a year later

A few weeks ago, the laptop suddenly died while I was using it. After fretting for awhile and finally allowing it to 'cool down' it revived and started working again as though nothing had happened. Good news? Maybe. Or maybe not.

Then last night, it went berserk again. My sister was using it for something and she complained that the screen showed her that 'a fatal error has occurred'. She also said that before her laptop died late last year, it had behaved in such a way. Inevitably, the heartache on a platter may have reached the end of it's road.

Undeniably, the idea of getting a new laptop seems tempting enough, especially since it would be tax deductible. At the same time, more modern portable devices (tablets, for instance) have also made inroads, and to be honest, the thought of getting a tablet (an iPad especially) is extremely exciting after I spent about two weeks on holiday with a friend who had one. My only issue with a tablet is that the storage space is quite small for my liking, as for some strange reason, I happen to actually use up a lot of space.

Opinions, anyone?


  1. Captcha for this comment is 'sales' if that means anything to you, lol.

    I'd only ever use a tablet as a secondary computer on the go. A laptop has so much more value to it considering what we use it for.

  2. Sales eh?

    Thanks for your opinion on the matter...

  3. I have to agree with Orhan. A tablet, as cool as it may seem just doesn't have the capacity of a laptop. To me a tablet is just a bigger cell phone ... LOL!

  4. I'd go for an Apple MacBook

  5. Are you sure it's a hardware problem? Reinstalling the operating system will often speed up and fix a lot of irritating problems that people assume is hardware and actually turns out to be software.

    I'd stick with a laptop as replacement. Tablets are cute but you'll soon miss a real keyboard, a decent sized screen and lots of storage.

    You get more bangs for your buck with a laptop as well.

  6. Although I understand the appeal of the iPad (and I love my iPhone), I'm sticking with a laptop - both for storage space for photos and for cost.

  7. Tablet or anything Thinkpad (laptop/netbook) :)

  8. Nick: A bigger cell phone... LOL. It would be pretty good for e-books, though. Don't have to lug around a few books each time I go away

    Nurse: Getting a macbook did cross my mind at some point.

    King of Scurf: I think I have both problems, software and hardware...

    SAW: Ha ha... photos are also my major space hogs (music as well)

    Jai: Thinkpad... oh, your super tahan lasak laptop. Sure sounds good. My only worry is Lenovo seems to have bought over them.

  9. Hehehe..I bought a new 11' Lenovo Thinkpad netbook last year and it seems as good as my previous one. Maybe not as good ..I don't dare to take any risk to test it's tahan lasakness yet :)


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