Sunday, August 22, 2010

Are You OK, Karaoke?

If there was anyone who could admit knowing me well enough, they'd certainly corroborate to the fact of me admitting that I'd try anything once. Naturally, when I say anything, it refers to anything that I wouldn't mind doing, and perhaps the occasional dare like trying to put off fire with my fingers. And that is precisely how I found myself *agreeing to go for a karaoke session with a bunch of friends from work (from a different department from me), most of whom I've only dealt with regarding work matters before this despite my loner-like tendencies.

Now, I've always imagined local karaoke sessions to be the type where middle aged Chinamen (mostly businessmen) would sing at the top of their lungs to Chinese songs from the 70's or 80's, while discussing business over food and drinks, a place where a someone of my **demographics would never be caught in, but there I was, among a few early twenty somethings right up to a few early thirty somethings, singing, eating and laughing and actually having a much better time than I had initially imagined!

One of the songs I picked:

On to more new things now, I guess. 

* Funny how I got invited, really... some poisonous gas escaped from a neighbouring company one day in mid July which had our whole company packed into the carpark/main building, and I had decided to socialise a bit, ended up talking to one of the interns based in another department, towards the end, he mentioned karaoke, I think I said 'cool!', and about half a month later, he and his department people plan a karaoke outing, and I get invited as well!

**The truth is, I don't really fit in anywhere... or at least I'm not exactly sure where I fit in. According to a another friend from work, I should be a proud owner of an i-Phone (based on his view of my demographics), which I'm not.


  1. oh it has been a while since i sing at karaoke last hehe. i will go again after Raya! :)

    list out all your songs please :)

  2. I just can't imagine you singing a song like that. You're alot more daring than I am. Consider your actions officially approved.

  3. Faisal: This was my first time... probably wouldn't mind doing it again.

    Some of our songs (chosen by the gang...)
    Jason Mraz (I'm yours, Lucky), The Eagles (Hotel California), Some Lady Gaga stuff, The Darkness, Eagle Eye Cherry, Dewa 19 stuff, can't really remember all...

    Orhan: It was one of my favourites when I was younger. And pretty easy to sing for people who are not good with technique... Thank you!

  4. I've never tried it myself, nor have I ever listened to it.

  5. If I ever went for a karaoke session I'd probably be hauled off in manacles and dumped in some deep underground dungeon with the key thrown away ... LOL!

  6. That's funny, I always picture middle-aged Japanese business men singing karaoke.

  7. I did karaoke in Vietnam. It felt weird.

  8. I went through a total phase of Karaoke, which I am brilliant at - because I'm such a bad singer! I even have loads of singstar so I can do it at home... it wore off pretty quick though. Sometimes when the girls get together we break out the singstar.

    I just imagine drunk people doing Karaoke... maybe that's just my experience of it. You just have to let yourself go and find your inner star (and try not to be too shouty!)

  9. Travis: It's worth a try, I guess...

    Nick: LOL... why, do you sing that badly?

    SAW: Actually, Japanese men do have a soft spot for karaoke. Chinamen (the born and bred in M'sia kind)are more abundant here than Japanese, though...

    nursemyra: LOL... it's probably not the most comfortable activity... I couldn't get in tune for the first song I tried.

    AHD: That sounds like fun... and yeah, drunk people make sense too. But sometimes you don't mind making a fool of yourself while totally sober either...


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