Sunday, November 29, 2009

We don't see dead people

The card almost gave me an almost imperceptible naughty wink as the word Saturday flashed in front of my eyes after two weeks of me seeing the word Sunday emblazoned on it. The good news is I wasn't alone.

Sally and I had planned to take a trip down to Seremban this weekend (we both figured it would be a nice drive on a Sunday evening) for Remy's wedding reception dinner after cancelling our plans to Ipoh at the 11th hour last week. I cannot explain how both our eyes fooled us into thinking of Sunday when it was clearly written that the dinner was supposed to be on Saturday. Nevertheless, we both missed it (I took a nap at 8:30 pm last night with the intention of finishing up my report when I got up at 11, but slept all the way through till 8 am and only found this amusing piece of news later in the day today, while Sally was online informing me about it on my FB status update)

Ah, well... another tale to add for the amusement of future grandkids, but what on earth do we tell Remy?


  1. OMG this has happenend to me several times as well!!! Hmmmm....could be due to my Alzheimers...i better get yourself checked out as well babes....30s is a dangerous age-zone anyway :p

  2. Yikes. However you tell, should start with a grovelling apology!

  3. yep, would agree with gallivanter. the truth.

    i always afraid to take a nap when i'm so tired, as i know i won't wake up until the next morning :)

  4. Gallivanter: Yeah, that makes sense... except that it is indeed stranger than fiction

    Sabrina: Damn... and I was so looking forward to hitting the big 3-0 next year ;)

    SAW: Yes, indeed... thankfully she has a sense of humour

    Faisal: Yeah, will do that... she will find out eventually what had happened cause it's plastered all over my FB profile... I didn't realise how tired I was, I guess, hence the 12 hour sleep!

  5. I myself just thought I'd take a short nap and woke up the next morning. I staggered to my computer and am reading your blog now. What is happening to us.

  6. I have no idea... it was a pretty good 12 hour sleep, though!

  7. someone did that to me for my wedding... i wrote in my card, 7pm sharp and for some strange reason, she tot it was 7th december.

  8. So she never made it, I guess 7 p to 7 December... LOL... I suppose it can happen to any of us. I just feel a bit bad because I did want to go, you know... to get away from routine.


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