Thursday, December 27, 2007


. yThe curtain pullers of 2007 are standing by the sides, holding onto the ropes just waiting for the year to end so that they can move on with their lives after the curtain falls, while many of us are still wondering where did all the time go. Wasn't it just the other day when we ushered in 2007 amidst fireworks, auld lang syne and a crazy countdown?

So, what did 2007 do for us?

It was a strange year, as it moved at an abnormal pace. Way too fast to do anyone much good, way too fast to be remembered as one of those good years by people who look at each year as a passing phase. So fast that I can't even remember if a certain incident happened in this year or the year before!

Things I learnt in 2007:
1. Adrenaline can be your best friend
2. Fingers are not heat proof
3. Coffee is addictive (after many years!)
4. Previous year's claims of insomnia were exaggerated. 2007 was the real deal
5. Vista can be a pain, but you get used to it. In fact you can get used to anything
6. My watch dislikes our southern neighbour
7. I'm still ridiculously unlucky in many aspects
8. But I'm not so unlucky in others
9. My funny bone has gone mad.
10. You can pick yourself up even after facing unimaginable adversaries
11. Reading an e-book is not as fun as the real thing
12. Assholes will forever remain assholes
13. Contact lenses behave better in cold weather
14. Those so called durable water bottles only have a lifespan of 1 year

2007 was the busiest year ever in my life, because the busy days were stretched out throughout the year, unlike other times when the busy conditions escalated to unimaginable heights for short durations and then retreated into oblivion. This was also the year when I found 2 strands of grey hair (within a few months of each other, but nevertheless alarming enough for it to find its way into this post as I personally know someone who had all his hair turn grey overnight, and this person was in his early 30s!) And for the second time (first attempt was in 2005), attempts to change my hair colour (this time, it was Power Ruby Red) failed miserably, the end result being one ruined t-shirt and hair almost as black as it was before.

This was the year of reunions... I met a few old school friends whom I've not seen for about 10 years, and got reunited in person with 2 childhood friends after about 15 years of not seeing each other. This was also the year for weddings... I've been to so many that I actually may have to count them with my fingers before knowing the exact number.

Bad year for music, not so bad year for movies, and a pretty ok year for tv - cable, not local! Interesting political developments (almost!), strange year for haircuts (bangs?) - the one and only year I didn't go and cut it really short because it was too hot or because I was bored. Started on the treadmill as opposed to the track at the stadium, went out of the country twice for work purposes. A great year for number of books read. Got a rejection letter from a story writing competition and they couldn't even tell me what they didn't like about my story due to overwhelming response (from contestants, not my story).

Lousy year for migraines and I realised that my wisdom tooth's erratic growth spurt is bothersome.

Worst part of the year: 2nd and 3rd quarter, whereas the 1st quarter and 4th quarter were pretty allright. I guess in the end (and this is like really the end...) I'd give the year 2007 a 6 out of 10 which makes it a pretty good year seeing that my once formerly optimistic demenour has been replaced by cynicism.

What's your take on 2007?


  1. I'd say 2007 was decent for me. There was nothing too awful and nothing too great.

    I'll agree with your 6 out of 10, although I could probably go to 7.

  2. 6 or 7 for 2007... Well, Happy New Year :)

  3. Happy 2008 beautiful girl :)


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