Thursday, April 05, 2007


This happened some time back... when I was at home, forcing myself to read a book which I started in December but find it almost impossible to complete... I blame it on all the other distractions!

Anyway, my dad was watching football (or soccer depending on which part of the world you're from) on the telly and was rooting for Liverpool, whereas I was not really rooting for any team in particular. Well, except for the team that was playing against Liverpool....

Me: (in a quiet whisper) Man U! Man U!
Dad: I thought you quit supporting them after Cantona left.
Me: Yeah
Dad: Then read your book... Liverpool has to win tonight (day). Anyway, why are you suddenly watching football?
Me: I just saw a cute guy
Dad: I think I know who you're talking about
Me: Really?

"It's that one right?" dad asked pointing to a guy in white. "He's Neville." Dad said rather nonchalantly.

There are 22 people on the field excluding the referees. 11 of them play for Man U. There's a 1 in 11 chance for my dad to guess the right one and he said it correctly the first time. Could the myth about parents knowing their kids well could be really true?


  1. Oh that's really funny.

    Last week my mam asked me if I was still watching Lost and if it made any sense(my parents gave up at the end of one series)... and I explained that I had given up any hope of it making sense and was now just fixating on the hot guy... she made a guess and was COMPLETELY wrong... which shows you that your dad knows you better than my mother knows me!!

  2. hehe

    My poor mom is convinced I am not normal..probably cos she never met any of my girlfriends...but I suppose thats what you get for being traditional indian with a son that goes out with non-indian girls :P

    Altho i know my dad knows me well enough to point out girls I would find attractive :)

  3. so your father is a liverfool eh? hahahaha

    of all ppl... why neville? :|

  4. Hi Terra,
    This post made me smile.
    Your dad sooooooo reads you like a book.
    Yes, he does. Yes, he does. :-)

  5. aunty: let me guess... sawyer? By the way, i'm extremely lost with Lost! :D

    silversabre: hey, you're back! well, someday your mom will find out that you're normal... :)

    zewt: liverpool fans are known as 'liverfools'? hehe learnt something new today.

    susan: it's rather unnerving thinking of it that way :D

  6. Thanks for you work and have a good weekend.

  7. well Terra, you know me better than my own mother! No idea what's going on with Lost - I've put it in the same bracket in my mind as Twin Peaks.

    Really don't get the Gary Neville thing, but each to their own I suppose

  8. travis: funny, yeah... (and strange!)

    david: thank you

    aunty: haha... well, sawyer is hot... :) as for gary neville, I saw his picture again and i think he's got angles some nice, and others, not so nice

  9. Terra: I should have my parents call your dad and ask him for pointers on discovering what kinds of men daughters are into. It would save everyone so much grief! Hope you're well!

  10. Terra I loved your story. Being the father of six children and four of them girls, all grown and married now, they will all four tell you that I was always on target about the boys they were interested in.

    I objected to a fellow my youngest daughter wanted to go with and forbid her to go with him. She said, "if you only knew the Chris I know." A few months latter she found out I did know that Chris when he was arrested for sexual abuse of children.

    How I knew what I knew I don't know except God puts that ability in fathers to protect their daughters. If only more would use it. Listen to your dad and always ask for his advise about the guys you are interested in.

    Oh I don't think you are supposed to understand LOST. It is the mystery that is the glue to hold the audience but I think their glue is failing.

    Best wishes.

    Bill ( a grandpa now and love it)

  11. yup... then there are arseholnals... and the usual chelski... man u fans are... well, man u fans lor...

  12. That is definitely bizarre!

  13. sabila: that was just a fluke...(i think!) I trust my parents with everything except for their taste in guys i might be into :D

    bill: thanks for sharing your story :)

    zewt: Well, that was interesting and funny

    orhan: agreed... :D

  14. I don't really watch football unless if it's the World Cup, then I might watch a few matches. I don't really understand what's going on in the field, except to see the ball kicked into the goalpost! =D

    Hahahaha, your dad certainly knows your taste very well! =)

  15. Ha! Could be true. I'm a parent. These kinds of things happen--whether our kids want them to or not.

  16. BOBO *we're champions for the 6th time*21/05/2007, 00:29

    hi....browsed ur blog while searching for something....gotta say though....u did write that comment about neville in jest didn't you?...cause he's the ugliest bloke that ever wore foul red wait....there's his brother and luke chadwick....anyways....good read though ....take care

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